Thank you for the educational material!

Thank you Dave and Alice Burba for the fantastic donation of educational materials to the Guadalupe Lab.  They run a wonderful group called “songs for teachers” and have produced some great material like the books / CDs below.  They use songs to help kids learn reading, writing, math, etc.  They are in Spanish and English.  We have enough to give each of our children a set and the kids LOVE them!  Thank you Dave and Alice!


Adding more to the work in Guadalupe

There are two new events starting in Guadalupe.  Miss Rose has a nutritional class scheduled weekly in October for some of the parents she works with.  We are partnered with a program out of U of A to provide the education in Guadalupe.  Also, Miss Marina is working on launching a new moms club partnered with First things First.  Pray!

The Sheriff Department visits Guadalupe

This week the Maricopa County Sheriff Department paid us a visit at the Guadalupe Learning Lab.  Deputies Martinez and Gaytan came by to talk with the kids, hang out, and generally get to know each other.   We are working to help improve the community – police relationships in Guadalupe and the first step in this is getting to know each other as human beings.   Deputies Martinez and Gaytan stayed for 3.5 hours talking to the kids and getting to know them.  They brought some books for the kids to help encourage them to read.  Thank you to the Maricopa County Sheriff Department for walking with us to help us heal and transform our community!

sheriff 2 sheriff 1

The Guadalupe summer program starts to wrap up

photo 1

Tim and Eliza doing an activity with the little kids during a Guadalupe summer program

photo 2

Kenneth and Tim working on an activity for the older kids

Pages made for writing the journals the kids will complete

Pages made for writing the journals the kids will complete. Thanks to Elainne and Eliza for leading this

In Guadalupe, we have had a wonderful summer, that is sadly starting to draw to a close as we get ready for the start of a new school year.  Over 80 kids have been through the two summer programs in the Mercado.  We are getting ready to graduate 5 people from our first ever job training program (all into jobs!).  We have started a constructive relationship with the Maricopa Sheriff department and the Town of Guadalupe.

We are also getting ready to say goodbye to our friends from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) that joined us as an internship after completing a 3 month community development class in Mexico.  Kenneth, Elaine, Judah, Tim, Eliza and Elainne – thank you for sharing yourselves with us over these last few weeks.  Thank you for the help you gave and the relationships you developed.  We pray it has blessed you, for you have certainly blessed us.

God is good and in charge.   And soon we start the fall tutoring – Aug 11 the Lab opens for business!  We are also going to be doing another job training program in partnership with “From Gangs to Jobs”.


Summer grows

The summer program is growing – almost 90 kids.  The Mercado is busy.  Meanwhile, the Sheriff department dropped off 10 boxes of books for our reading programs (Thank you!) and the kids have been busy cleaning up the Mercado grass areas to improve the appearance and help the community.  The job program continues and in the fall we are planning to launch a Community Development Center in the Mercado.   God is moving

Expanding the involvement in Guadalupe

Lots of things happening in Guadalupe this week.  Thanks to the Maricopa County Sheriff Department for a great meeting between the Guadalupe kids / leaders and 6 Sheriff Deputies.  Very productive!  Thanks to Deputy Martinez and Gaytan and their friends – we hope this is the start of a productive relationship.

Also, Miss Marina met with the Guadalupe Town Council to explain who we are, what we are doing and how they can help.  They were very supportive – Way to go Miss Marina!

Busy summer in Guadalupe

It is shaping up to be a busy summer in Guadalupe.  We have two summer program being run by Miss Marina and Miss Rose – with 72 kids attending!   This is a huge jump from 25 last year.  Further, we kicked off a 2 month long jobs program in Guadalupe.  Run by our friend Natividad Mendoza with “From Gangs to Jobs”, we have 7 people attending.

We had too many kids coming to the Guadalupe Learning Lab so Miss Marina negotiated to get us to move to a bigger room in the Mercado.  The town is graciously donating space in two other rooms for our other summer program and the jobs program.

Both summer program are run 100% by the community (except for Mr Will who lives close to Guadalupe and is an honorary native).  This is the people in Guadalupe doing thing to help their community

We have reached out and engaged the Sheriff department, hoping that dialogue  between the deputies, children and parents will help improve the trust and the effectiveness of policing in the town.

God is crazy busy

Guadalupe Learning Lab Grand Opening

We had a great grand opening this Saturday May 10 at the Guadalupe Learning Lab.  About 80 people stopped by to check out the lab, hear from the kids, enjoy the hotdogs and the music.  Many new kids expressed interest in coming and som e of the parents are interested in helping out.  We collected about 50 asset surveys from the parents and children.  We thank everyone who came, including a number of our faithful sponsors and partners.  God was there!

Next Saturday – we host a Bot Scout Jamboree in the Mercado as we seek to get community support behind launching a Guadalupe Scout troop.   We will see what happens.

Meanwhile, check out the pictures below:


Help support the Guadalupe Learning Lab in the Wed April 9 Arizona Gives Day

All – reminder that AZNT is participating with the Wed April 9 Arizona Gives Day. We are raising money to support the Guadalupe Learning Lab. Please check it out below and share with your friends. We have about 75 children and their families using the lab.  With your support and the continues support of the community, we can continue the lab and grows its impact.  Please come walk with us in Guadalupe!
Also, every dollar you give will be matched!  So every dollar you give actually will become two!  We have matching donors that are helping double your impact.
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