Reminder – AZNT is qualified for the AZ working Poor Tax Credit

All – reminder that AZNT is a qualified non profit for the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit.  That means you can donate up to 250$ as an individual or 400$ as a family and get a credit for the full amount to apply to your Arizona State income tax.  Just like the School tax credit (and separate – you can do both!).  Please consider donating this year and take advantage of this tax credit – the money goes to support the Guadalupe Learning Lab and all the great community – led work in Guadalupe.  Thank you!

Thank you for the educational material!

Thank you Dave and Alice Burba for the fantastic donation of educational materials to the Guadalupe Lab.  They run a wonderful group called “songs for teachers” and have produced some great material like the books / CDs below.  They use songs to help kids learn reading, writing, math, etc.  They are in Spanish and English.  We have enough to give each of our children a set and the kids LOVE them!  Thank you Dave and Alice!