Guadalupe is the main place we are working day to day.   The other neighborhoods mentioned here we do so coaching, training, and helping other organizations already present in these communities.   In Guadalupe we get to roll up our sleeved and work with our very good friends in Guadalupe.

In Guadalupe we are developing a community of people within Guadalupe and nearby that all have a heart and passion for seeing the Kingdom of God grow in Guadalupe.   We use Christian Asset Based Community Development; developing relationship with people in the community, learning the hopes and dreams of the community and then working with their assets to make the transformation happen.   And in so doing we all come closer to Jesus.

Guadalupe Arizona is a town sandwiched between Phoenix and Tempe; 0.81 acres just east of I10 between the Baseline Rd and Elliot Rd exits.  A small community of 5500 people, traveling through Guadalupe is reminiscent of traveling through a rural Mexican town instead of a major metropolitan area.  A review of the 2010 US Census gives a sense of the challenges faced by the community.  Economic development is low; retail sales in the area are 25% of Arizona average.  Per capita income is half Arizona average and less than half of the adults have completed high school.    The town and its people have amazing assets.  The town settlement has existed since 1904, with many of the current families descendants of these initial settlers.  Most the people are Hispanic with 51% of the population from the Pasqua Yaqui tribe (a Native Mexican tribe with settlements in Tuscon as well as Guadalupe), giving the people a deep rich heritage and culture.  Family and friends are highly valued, prompting people to want to stay with their families and friends in Guadalupe.  Pride in the town is high.

To learn more – check out our Guadalupe page.


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