Guadalupe Lab Christmas Party

We had a great Guadalupe Learning Lab Christmas celebration this year.   First, we participated in the Guadalupe Electric Light Christmas Parade.  Put on by the town of Guadalupe, this is a huge event.   Dozens of groups walk down Avineda Del Yaqui after dark with lights, singing and costumes.    Huge numbers of people…
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Welcome to our new web site!

Hello and welcome to the newly updated website for Arizona Neighborhood Transformation.   We are excited to be able to bring you all a simpler website that works better with whatever device you are using (computer, tablet or smartphone).     We also think this showcases the work going on in Guadalupe and tells a…
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Partnering with Anglican Church in North America’s Matthew 25 initiative!

All - we are very proud and honored be a partner with the Anglican Church of North America's (ACNA) Matthew 25 initiative.   They have provided a $12,000 grant to support the work we are doing in Guadalupe.   It is a matching grant, so we will only get it once we have raised a matching $12,000.   So please visit our "donation" page and help us out.  Thank you all for the support and help.  And again, welcome to our ACNA partners!

ACNA Matthew 25 initiative:


Busy 2016

Things have been busy in Guadalupe in 2016.   The tutoring program continues with about 40 kids, including two more high school graduates!   Congratulations Destiny and Gabriel. We continue working with our family groups on issues that are important to them and helping families get more involved with their children's educations. Also, we started…
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