Guadalupe – getting ready for summer 2015

2014-2015 School Year has been major in Guadalupe.   We are now in two large rooms in Guadalupe, with Miss Rose leading one tutoring group and Miss Marina leading the other.  About 50 children between the two.  We have started tracking grades for many of the kids and even with only a year worth of data we are seeing improvements.  Many of our elementary school kids are seeing grade improvements and over the 2014 summer program 4 of the 4 year olds that attended went on to early Kindergarden based on the reading they did in program.

Even more, we have been working with the families of our children to help them help themselves improve things that are important to them.  In 2014 we partnered with “Gangs to Jobs” to bring a job development program to Guadalupe to help some of our adults find work.  This continues.  Even more, we thank God for the healing G2J founder Natividad Mendoza has had as he has recovered from bleeding on the brain that prompted two surgeries.   He is doing well!

We have added a moms club led by Miss Marina were she gives parenting classes to about 9 of our family groups moms with babies.  By taking these parenting classes, they earn “Baby Bucks” they can use to buy items for the children (clothes, diapers, wipes, etc).  See the picture to left for a package of diapers.IMG_1820

Summer program starts June 8 and will run Tues – Fri 9 am to 4 pm.  In addition we will be open during the day on mondays to provide GED training for some of our adults, based on their requests.   We know have high speed internet in the lab, so we can accommodate internet based work better.

We thank everyone that has helped this year.  The people that donated all the items to fill both Miss Rose and Miss Marinas space.  The people (inside Guadalupe and outside) that gave clothes and supplies for the Moms club.

The second big room in the Guadalupe Learning Lab!

The second big room in the Guadalupe Learning Lab!

Our New Larger Guadalupe Learning Lab - fully outfitted!

Our New Larger Guadalupe Learning Lab – fully outfitted!

Our tutors like Mr Will, Mr Bud, Miss Euphemia.  Some of the WYAM friends at came to help out like the Hales, Kenneth, Eleana and Judah Orozoco, Tim and Elaine Agenbroad and Eliza!  And many, many others!  Thank you and God Bless.  Onward to summer 2015.


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