MiCasita Christian Montessori Pre-School is here!

We have been working hard over the Spring / Summer of 2019 to do something new.   Last year (2018-2019 school year) we started our first pre-school.   We added it based on conversations with parents; they indicated they were very few head start slots open in Guadalupe and they could not find anything for their pre-schoolers to get them ready for Kindergarten.   So we started one and it grew from 12 students at the start of the year to 20 at the end.  And it was a success - the student all got into kindergarten, the younger ones even tested into early kindergarten.   However, we had an idea to do more.

So we totally remodeled the space.   Thanks to many people - Living Faith Anglican Tempe, Central Christian Ahwatukee, Matt Bizzack and his brother, Rick Mason and many others - we repainted, took down walls, and added a nice new floor.   We then started training our pre-school teachers to covert the pre-school to Montessori.

So that is where we are - we opened in August 2019 and have about ten students.  It is a Christian Montessori Pre-School and it is run by our four Guadalupe teachers - Miss Marina, Miss Crystal, Miss Vanessa and Miss Patricia.  Miss Cindy Frost is the teachers of the teachers and is helping get the school launched.   We are very excited!   Check out the pictures