Busy summer in Guadalupe

It is shaping up to be a busy summer in Guadalupe.  We have two summer program being run by Miss Marina and Miss Rose - with 72 kids attending!   This is a huge jump from 25 last year.  Further, we kicked off a 2 month long jobs program in Guadalupe.  Run by our friend Natividad Mendoza with "From Gangs to Jobs", we have 7 people attending.

We had too many kids coming to the Guadalupe Learning Lab so Miss Marina negotiated to get us to move to a bigger room in the Mercado.  The town is graciously donating space in two other rooms for our other summer program and the jobs program.

Both summer program are run 100% by the community (except for Mr Will who lives close to Guadalupe and is an honorary native).  This is the people in Guadalupe doing thing to help their community

We have reached out and engaged the Sheriff department, hoping that dialogue  between the deputies, children and parents will help improve the trust and the effectiveness of policing in the town.

God is crazy busy