Some upcoming Events

I wanted to share three great opportunities to get involved in two of the communities were we are doing Neighborhood Transformation.  If you (or any friends) are interested, please let me know.  Please feel free to share

1) We are going to join with some of our neighbors in Guadalupe to do some house painting on APRIL 13 8 am to 11 am Saturday morning.  We are meeting at the Mercado in Guadalupe, in the parking lot on the south side.  The Mercado is on the SE corner of Avenida del Yaqui and Guadalupe Rd.
2) We are going to join with some of our neighbors in South Phoenix to do some house painting on MAY 11th morning (time and place TBD).
3) The Los Ninos program in Guadalupe, a program that meets with about 25-30 children in Guadalupe once / month to do breakfast, field trips, education and mentoring, is in need of volunteers.  They currently meet on the third Saturday of each month from about 8 am to noon.  It is a great way to take a step with some of the families in Guadalupe and learn a bit about what is happening there.
Thank you very much.  Please let me know and share with your friends
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