The Guadalupe summer program starts to wrap up

photo 1

Tim and Eliza doing an activity with the little kids during a Guadalupe summer program

photo 2

Kenneth and Tim working on an activity for the older kids

Pages made for writing the journals the kids will complete

Pages made for writing the journals the kids will complete. Thanks to Elainne and Eliza for leading this

In Guadalupe, we have had a wonderful summer, that is sadly starting to draw to a close as we get ready for the start of a new school year.  Over 80 kids have been through the two summer programs in the Mercado.  We are getting ready to graduate 5 people from our first ever job training program (all into jobs!).  We have started a constructive relationship with the Maricopa Sheriff department and the Town of Guadalupe.

We are also getting ready to say goodbye to our friends from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) that joined us as an internship after completing a 3 month community development class in Mexico.  Kenneth, Elaine, Judah, Tim, Eliza and Elainne - thank you for sharing yourselves with us over these last few weeks.  Thank you for the help you gave and the relationships you developed.  We pray it has blessed you, for you have certainly blessed us.

God is good and in charge.   And soon we start the fall tutoring - Aug 11 the Lab opens for business!  We are also going to be doing another job training program in partnership with "From Gangs to Jobs".