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Our Strategy for doing this is pretty simple.  We use Neighborhood Transformation and Asset Based Community Development as our foundation. [check2_list] We emulate Jesus – walking with “the least of these” (as the world defines people), making friends, finding out the peoples hopes, dreams and desires.  We them help them find the assets God has…
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Our Core Values

[row] [span3] Integration and Wholism: We are personally committed to complete obedience to all that Jesus commanded including compassion for the physical needs of people as well as their emotional, mental and spiritual needs.  We recognize an integral relationship between the physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Our programs seek the total development of the whole person…
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About Us

[row] [span8] About Arizona Neighborhood Transformation [row_in] [span3] [/span3] [span5] Arizona Neighborhood Transformation is about seeing people in communities around Arizona transform themselves out of poverty and closer to the love of God. Our focus is on Guadalupe Arizona with our friends there. However, we also are open to coaching, training and helping any community…
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