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Christmas break in Guadalupe

All - we are taking the next two weeks break at the Guadalupe Learning Lab.  We will have some family outing but no tutoring.  Back in the first full week of January!  We wish you all Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.
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Thank you for the educational material!

Thank you Dave and Alice Burba for the fantastic donation of educational materials to the Guadalupe Lab.  They run a wonderful group called "songs for teachers" and have produced some great material like the books / CDs below.  They use songs to help kids learn reading, writing, math, etc.  They are in Spanish and English.…
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Adding more to the work in Guadalupe

There are two new events starting in Guadalupe.  Miss Rose has a nutritional class scheduled weekly in October for some of the parents she works with.  We are partnered with a program out of U of A to provide the education in Guadalupe.  Also, Miss Marina is working on launching a new moms club partnered…
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