Monthly Archives: June 2014

Expanding the involvement in Guadalupe

Lots of things happening in Guadalupe this week.  Thanks to the Maricopa County Sheriff Department for a great meeting between the Guadalupe kids / leaders and 6 Sheriff Deputies.  Very productive!  Thanks to Deputy Martinez and Gaytan and their friends - we hope this is the start of a productive relationship. Also, Miss Marina met…
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Miss Marina talks to Guadalupe town council

Thursday June 26, Miss Marina has been invited to talk to the Guadalupe Town Council.  She will be sharing about the community work being done in the town and inviting them to come and join it.  Please pray!
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Busy summer in Guadalupe

It is shaping up to be a busy summer in Guadalupe.  We have two summer program being run by Miss Marina and Miss Rose - with 72 kids attending!   This is a huge jump from 25 last year.  Further, we kicked off a 2 month long jobs program in Guadalupe.  Run by our friend…
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